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Ducted Axial Fans


Ducted axial fan

Product available also in:ATEX Fans

The ducted axial fans of CC series are used for ducted installations requiring large airflow with relatively low pressure drop, like ventilation and cooling systems in industrial, naval, commercial, civil, energetic fields.

The series consists of different sizes with impeller diameter from 310 to 1600 mm. CC fans can be fitted with motors of different polarity, depending on size and required performance. Suitable for conveying clean air with temperature from –15 °C to +50°C in continuous service.

Upon request:
• Casing protected against atmospheric agents by hot-dip galvanizing
• Airflow from impeller to motor
• Outer terminal box
• Iso-rotating or controrotating multistage versions.

CCZ : Impeller with airfoil blades in die-cast aluminium alloy
CC-ATX: ATEX version according to Directives 94/9/CE and 2014/34/UE



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