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In Line Centrifugal Fans


In-line centrifugal fans


The AXC LINE-METAL is a series of centrifugal in-line fans with the advantage, typical of axial fans, to convey air along the same axis of the impeller.

This feature, the limited dimensions and the standardized inlet and outlet sizes grant a particular ease of installation. The low noise level and the good pressure head make them ideal for industrial and residential installations, in extracting hoods and small exhausting plants, since they can be installed in any point along the duct or at the duct ends, either in intake or exhaust. They are suitable to convey clean air with a temperature range from -10°C to +60°C.


• Casing in steel sheet, protected against atmo- spheric agents by epoxy paint.
• Single-phase electric ball-bearing motor with non-self resetting thermal cut-out, particularly suitable for speed regulation (using the suitable speed regulators shown in this catalogue).
• Backward curved centrifugal impeller with high effi ciency and low noise level. Statically and dynamically balanced according to ISO 1940
• Down stream guide vanes, for improved eff-ciency.
• External electric connections enclosed in a terminal box in self-extinguishing technopolymer, with IP54 protection.
• Comply with EN 60335-2-80, B.T. 2014/35/UE, EMC 2014/30/UE


Speed regulators.
• Back-draught shutters.
• Support brackets.
• Protection guard.
• Collars for fi xing to the duct.
• Silencers.


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