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Ducted Axial Fans


Bifurcated ducted axial fans

High Temperature

The bifurcated CCB fans are designed for conveying hot smoke, fumes and vapours, fl uids with high humidity and/or saturated by grease, oil or particles, where the motor has to be totally out of the airflow. For example, they are used in professional kitchens, painting booths, furnaces, foundries, cooling/evaporative tower, etc.

They are designed for easy installation and maintenance.
The casing is double ended with standard flanges, allowing its installation either along the duct or at both ends.
They can convey air with a temperature higher than +100°C and up to +200°C in continuous service.

Upon request:
• Casing in steel sheet with epoxy paint.

The series is not affected by the ErP Directive 2009/125/CE and further Regulations.


• Flat protection guard (CCr)
• Flexible connectors (CCga)
• Support feet (CCst)
• Inlet/outlet bell mouth (CCbo)
• Silencers, with and without pod, in three lengths (CCsa and CCsb)
• Counter flange (Ccf)
• Counter flange with collar (CCfc)
• Anti-vibration mounts.


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