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Ducted Axial Fans


Portable duct axial fans


The CCP series is designed for situations where powerful air throws are necessary; this can happen in particular situations, for instance, to create scenic effects or to cool people working close to high temperature heat sources (mancooler).

The series consists of 6 models with sizes from 310 to 560, all are supplied with an electrical plug fixed on the fan in order to ease its connection and use.
Working temperature from –10°C to +50°C in continuous service.

Upon request:
• Larger sizes (630 and 710)



• Casing in steel sheet and support stand in tubular metal, protected against the atmospheric agents with epoxy paint. Side hand-wheels for the orientation of the throw.
• Protection guards in inlet and outlet manufactured according to rules UNI 12499.
• Aerofoil profi le impeller with blades in mineral fibres reinforced technopolymer (models 310 to 400) and die cast aluminium alloy (models 450 and 560).
• Execution 5 (with impeller direct coupled on the shaft end) and airflow from motor to impeller.
• External rotor motors with built in thermal protection, double speed three-phase and single phase speed-adjustable, all motors with connection box.


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