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From the design to the product



Experience has taught us that the quality of the end product is much higher if the production and control of assembly are carried out by our staff.

All of our products are constructed by assembling dozens of small parts that together make up and create our ventilators.

Fans, motors, chassis, circuit boards, electrical connections, mechanical or electrical safety systems etc… are just a few of the parts that make up our product. Every single one is tested before assembly and random samples undergo tests to ensure correct working order. as far as the fans are concerned, these follow a specific testing process involving static and dynamic balancing according to ISO 1940, an operation that is carried out in our dedicated department.  Only after having passed all the tests can each individual piece join the assembly line.

Therefore, the assembly of a ventilator involves several operational steps leading to the dynamic and functional tests with computerised scanning in the final testing of each finished ventilator, stages during which experience, dexterity and precision are fundamental. The use of machinery is therefore absolutely essential to the production of our ventilation units, but the human element is as important as it is necessary to achieving a product of inimitable quality and guaranteed efficiency.