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Axial Roof Fans


Vertical discharge axial conveyors

The TAV conveyors are designed to be installed in pairing with CC and CC-HP ducted axial fans to allow the roof air extraction in vertical exhaust mode.

They are suitable for direct or ducted ventilation. The shutter is designed to prevent rain entry and heat losses when the fan is not working. The lateral holes help the air exit
also in case of obstruction of the upper guard.
The range consists of 6 sizes, suitable for ducted axial fans of diameter from 800 to 1400 mm.
TAV conveyors (not included in the certification EN 12101-3) can also be fi tted with CC-HT range, ducted axial fans for smoke extraction in case of fire.



• Outer conveyor with epoxy painted steel sheet base and with vertical panels in galvanized steel sheet.
• Double wing aluminium gravity shutters, acoustically lined.
• Coupling plate to the fan in epoxy painted steel sheet.
• Weatherproof outlet protection guard according to norm UNI 10615.


TAV conveyors are suitable to be installed with CC range accessories:
• Long casing extension (CCpro)
• Intel/Outlet cone (CCbo)
• Flexible connections (CCga)
• Protection guards (CCr/CCrc)
• Flat or collar fl anges (CCf/CCfc)
• Silencers (CCsa/CCsb)
• External terminal box (mounted on fan casing)




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