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In Line Centrifugal Fans


Super-silent acoustic cabinet fans

SS-BOX fans are suitable for being installed in small exhausting plants, where limited dimensions and easy installation are also required. The extremely low noise level makes these super-silenced boxed fans an exclusive and unequalled series.

Other peculiar features are: the possibility of easy removal of motor-impeller assembly for maintenance, the standardized round inlet and outlet flanges and the possibility of speed regulation. They are suitable to convey clean air with a temperature range from -10°C to +40°C. They must be installed only in horizontal position.


Available for extra-UE markets only.


• Main structure in galvanized steel sheet, inside lined with extra-thick acoustic insulation (50 mm).
• Single-phase electric motor, IP44/IP20, class F, with thermal protection, suitable for speed regulation (using the suitable speed regulators shown in this catalogue).
• Backward bladed impeller with high effi ciency (mod.125-160-200-250).
• Double inlet forward bladed fan (mod. 315-355-400-450).


• Speed regulators.
• Shutters
• Protection guards.
• Collars for fi xing to the duct.
• Silencers


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