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Centrifugal Roof Fans


Centrifugal roof fans with external rotor motor - Horizontal discharge


Centrifugal roof fans with external rotor motor and horizontal discharge for direct or ducted ventilation in civil, commercial and industrial buildings.

The characteristics of this series are the compact design and ease of installation.
They can exhaust clean air up to the maximum temperature of 40 ° C. The three-phase or single-phase external rotor motor allows full speed regulation, also with a cheap electronic
regulator. In the three-phase version, it is also possible to obtain the double speed feature by
delta/ star switching.
Models available with EC motors.

Available with vertical discharge:  REV series



• Base frame in galvanized steel sheet.
• Protection guard in drawn steel rod protected against the atmospheric agents, manufactured according to UNI 10615:1997.
• Backward curved wheel in galvanized steel sheet (mod. 200 in plastic), with high efficiency and low noise level.
• Upper cover in aluminium.
• External rotor motor, three-phase or single phase, IP 44/B 200-250, IP 44/F 310-400, tropycalized with integral thermal protection.


• Backdraught gravity shutter (TS);
• Silencers (GR);
• Counter base to be walled up (CB);
• Support base for corrugated roof coverings (BA);
• Inlet side Guard (RA);
• Service switch;
• Speed regulator;
• Delta/start switch;
• Support base/Silenced reduction (PB). Not available for size 200.


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