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Backward curved blade centrifugal fans for clean or very dusty air

Centrifugal duct fans suitable for clean or very dusty air with temperatures from -20 to +40°C. Suitable for medium flow rates and heads. Suitable for conveying sawdust, various chips, granular materials, excluding filamentary materials.
Suitable for installation in zone 1/21, i.e. in areas or environments where a high safety factor against explosions due to gas, (II 2G) or flammable dust (II 2D) is required.

Robust construction for professional applications in potentially explosive environments
Diameters from 220 to 1,400 mm
Flow rates from 800 to 98,400 m3/h max
Brass-coated suction nozzle and painted sheet steel spiral case
ISO 6580/EUROVENT 1-2 standard connection flanges
Suction nozzle with large radius
Single inlet sheet steel impeller with curved backward blades
Directly coupled 4 and transmission versions 9 – 12 with one-piece cast iron bearing housings
Versions on request for higher air temperatures



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