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Belt driven double inlet box fans

Product available also in:Industrial and building ventilation fans - Standard air

The fans of the BOX-T ATX series are particularly adapted for plant installation where it is necessary to exhaust air at a low noise level. Thanks to their specific construction, such fans are ideally installed in industrial plants complying with the ATEX Directive 99/92/CE and built-in compliance with the ATEX directive  2014/34/EU.

The low noise level is given by their plenum lined with thick acoustic material which allows a remarkable reduction of the noise inevitably generated by such type of fans. The blower
consists of a double inlet forward curved connected to the motor by belts and pulleys. The series BOX-T ATX is designed for installation in ATEX certifi ed plants category 3, zone 2, zone 2-22 (3G). They are suitable for coveying air with temperature from -20°C to +40°C.

Upon request:
• Version with three-phase double polarity ATEX motor (4/6 poli) with same characteristics as standard version.
• Panels in INOX.
• Double skin panels (available thickness: 23 mm)

BOX-T Version for standard fresh air
BOX-T HT Version F400 certified according to EN12101-3 for fire smoke extract


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