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Centrifugal Roof Fans


Double speed centrifugal roof fans - Horinzontal discharge

Product available also in:ATEX FansHigh Temperature

Double speed (double polarity motor) centrifugal roof fans with horizontal discharge designed for direct or ducted ventilation in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The motor is separated from  the airflow, this allows the fan to exhaust clean or slightly dusty air also with grease and impuritiers with temperature of 100°C.
Available with vertical discharge (FCV-2V).


  • FC: Single speed version
  • FC-2V ATX: Version ATEX II 2G/2D//2GD IIB T494/9 CE for potentially explosive atmospheres, according to Direttives 94/9/CE e 2014/34/UE, IMQ certified.
  • FC-AT 2V:    Version for high temperature up to 200°C in continuous service.
  • FC 2V HT:  2 speed version for fire smoke extract, according to EN 12101-3


Upon request:

  • Cover in aluminium


• Base frame in galvanized steel sheet.
• Protection guard in drawn steel rod protected against the atmospheric agents, manufactured according to UNI 10615:1997.
• Backward curved wheel in galvanized steel sheet, with high efficiency and low noise level, statically and dynamically balanced according ISO 1940.
• Asynchronous and double polarity three-phase motor manufactured according to international standards IEC 60034, IEC 60072, EMC 2014/30/UE, LVD 2014/35/UE, CE marked, IP55 Class F.
• Upper cover in techno-polymer, with appropriate slots for motor cooling.
• Outer deflector   in techno-polymer.


• Backdraught gravity shutter (TS);
• Silencers (GR);
• Counterbase (CB);
• Support base for wawed roof coverings (BA);
• Inlet side Guard (RA);
• Service switch;
• Self transformer speed regulator;
• Delta/start switch;
• Support base/Silenced reduction (PB).


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